Cuisine 31 is the catering company offering a full spectrum of exit actions from cocktails till suppers.


In order to preserve the high quality of our products for each individual customer, we offer the services possible, for which you receive: superior quality, refined tastes and all in optimal time.

1. A brief explanation of the order procedure
2. Working hours
3. How to place an order on our web-site?
4. How to place an order by phone?
5. Payment and preparation time
6. Order pick up
7. Delivery
8. Cooking instructions
9. How the product is packaged?
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How to order

1. You may place an order via our website or by telephone.

2. Conception of our cuisine . All orders are prepared the same day or within 24 hours of order. Hot dishes, starters, salads and sauces are packaged in a sealed vacuum to preserve the quality and taste.

3. By coming to our CUISINE 31 offices at the time confirmed by our operator, you may make payment and pick up your order. If your order is over 7000 rub. Prepayment is required.

4. You may serve the dishes at home or in office. Each dish sealed in a vacuum pack contains cooking instructions.

You can find all cooking instructions on

We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Please, call +7 (495) 540 38 51/52/53

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Working hours

10.00 a.m. till 9 p.m., daily.

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Order on the web-site

To place an order you need to place your desired item in the basket and click on send order. Please find the order procedure below.

Step 1. Chose the required items from the menu by clicking add to basket. If you wish to learn more about a certain dish, locate and view the detailed photo click view details or small photo of the dish. In view details page you may also click add to basket. The item automatically goes to the basket. Now the dish has been placed into the shopping basket.

You can always view your shopping basket in the right hand corner of every page. At any moment you may view the shopping basket and delete, change or add items.

If you wish to continue selecting more items you may view all sections of the web-site and then follow the procedure step 1 again.

Step 2. After you have made your choice click view shopping basket in the right corner of the screen. You have to fill in the registration form on the page the shopping basket. Fields marked * are required for successful registration.

Also you need to confirm the exact time you wish to pick up the order.

All submitted information is kept in the strictest confidence. After registration you may enjoy a personal discount and news updates regarding our site & menu.

Please double check all your information before clicking on the send your order button.

3 step. Within one hour of placing your order our operator will contact you for confirmation.

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Order by phone

To order by phone please call us on the phone numbers given below and inform the operator of the following:

1. Exact names of the dishes and their articles
2. Exact quantity per dish
3. Order pick up time
4. Your contact information

Before placing an order by phone we recommend that you visit our site to select your desired dishes.

Please take into consideration that our operators cant give a detailed recommendation for your choice of dishes due to the workload of orders being placed.

Our site provides you, the customer, with detailed information and photos describing our dishes, with the goal to assisting you in your selection for ordering.

Please note that you may send us your order by fax. Our operators will contact you to confirm the order pick up time.

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Payment and order preparation times

Cash or credit card at our office address: Leninskiy prosp. 31

Orders up to 7000 rub.  Orders over
7000 rub.*
Banquet orders over 12 persons* Desserts or pastries any amount*
No prepayment required 100% prepayment 100% prepayment 100% prepayment
Within 24 hours or the same day Within 24 hours Within 48 hours Within 24 hours

* We reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions of agreement for each individual order.

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Order pick up

You may pick up your order at: Leninskiy prosp. from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. daily

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We may organise an independent delivery services. For more infomation contact by tel 540 38 51 \ 52 \ 53

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Cuisine 31 - french cuisine.
Leninskiy Prospekt 31
Moscow, Russia
how to find us
Tel. (495) 540-3851 / 540-3852

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