Cuisine 31 is the catering company offering a full spectrum of exit actions from cocktails till suppers.

Commercial Partnership

Cooperation means for us a dialog of equal partnership and that is why we are always ready to respond to all the clients wishes.  Address all your commercial proposals by telephone: +7 (495) 540 3851 / 540 3852 or in writing via e-mail:

Cuisine 31 has been created for connoisseurs of French cuisine, but who dont have time to cook, but still, they want to surprise their family, friends or business partners with a refined taste of French dishes.

Cuisine 31 offers you French delicacies for breakfast, dinner and festive suppers. The process of cooking will not take you much time. The Cuisine 31 dishes will make any cooperative or home party and any cocktail refined and unique.

You only need to reheat the dish following the instructions and everything is ready! It is easy, convenient and tasty!

Cuisine 31 for private clients

The Cuisine 31 concept was conceived after a conversation one day, between its founder Eric Le Provos and a friend, where the lack of a high end cuisine delivery service was discussed. Then the idea of a factory kitchen was born. The factory kitchen is tasked with undertaking the difficult and challenging process of creating the cuisine and thus allowing the client to enjoy the most pleasant part, the finished product.

Cuisine 31 has a creative approach in the design of the menu. Our cooks select for us the best provisions, prepare dishes, semi-cooked dishes and sauces and then pack them in a sealed vacuum packaging. You have only to choose the preferred dishes for a forthcoming party or a family dinner, to place an order via the internet or by telephone, then to pick up your order and to prepare everything according to the given detailed instructions. Cooked and semi-cooked dishes that Cuisine 31 prepares for its clients are not frozen, they are packed in a vacuum sealed wrapping and can be kept for a 48 hour period.

Cuisine 31 for offices

Cuisine 31 offers its corporative clients dishes for:

Lunches, Dinners and Suppers with business partners
Cocktails, Banquets and Parties

Any corporative event starting with a lunch and finishing with a great banquet can become bright and original if you plan it with Cuisine 31.

In order to prepare our dishes you dont need any special knowledge. A cooking instruction is given with every dish. The procedure is simple and easy. You only need to choose from the menu and place an order via the website or by telephone. Every dish will be thought through in detail. All the provisions are the freshest and are never frozen. All the dishes are prepared the same day of the order or within 24 hours.

Cuisine 31 for companies and enterprises

Cuisine 31 offers a wide range of customized commercial proposals to companies and enterprises that are interested in organizing and improving their employee catering service. They can be restaurants, cafes and catering services, but also big commercial centers, beauty shops and fitness-clubs. Now without spending money on equipment, staff and premises for production and culinary halls you can please your visitors and clients with tasty and refined dishes of the French cuisine.

With our dishes it is easy to carry out inventories due to our individually wrapped product portions, which extend the product life. The production and expiry date is stated, as is the storage suggestions. Every step of the production starting with the purchase of provisions and finishing with the vacuum sealed packaging is completed under the supervision of our quality control specialists.

Prices and conditions of agreement with legal entities are discussed separately with our commercial representative.

Cooperation means for us a dialog of equal partnership and that is why we are always ready to respond to all the clients wishes. We offer a flexible discount system for our regular clients. Address all your commercial proposals by telephone: +7 (495) 540 3851 / 540 3852 or in writing via e-mail:

Call or write us when:

 You dont have enough producing capacities?

 You dont have enough space for storage, confectionary and baking halls?

 Youre budget doesnt permit the employment of a French cook/chef?

Business with Cuisine 31 as a legal entity allows you to obtain a refined French menu with a superior quality and in precise portions, and you dont waste production time for creativity and selection of the dishes, as well as avoiding additional expenses for provision storage. We provide superior quality, consistency and confidentiality! We shall liberate you from many cares and troubles!

Cuisine 31 - french cuisine.
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