Cuisine 31 is the catering company offering a full spectrum of exit actions from cocktails till suppers.

Cuisine 31

Cuisine 31 is a kitchen-factory dealing with the preparation of French dishes to order. We offer a large choice of hot and cold snacks, soups, fish, meat, as well as pastries and desserts. Our kitchen is situated not far from the city center Ц on Leninsky Prospect. In the proximity of the Third and the Sadovoye circle ring roads. This allows our clients to save time.

DonТt be intimidated by our definition Ц kitchen-factory. This title does not mean that the process of cooking is automated. Everything, absolutely everything is hand prepared by our cooks. Cuisine 31 is a factory in a positive sense of the word. It is a factory of laborious manual work. It must be mentioned that we use the latest European technologies (vacuum sealed packaging in particular) and our producing capacities can deal with the large volume of orders by our clientele.

Working principles. We always start with the freshest provisions. We wash, peel and cut them. We make prepared dishes and semi-cooked products and pack them into vacuum sealed packaging. The whole production is labeled and states the expiry date along with the storage temperatures and instructions.

Included with all the dishes that need cooking, are instructions with photos, the products ingredients and cooking method.

Cuisine 31 makes French cuisine more accessible. Before it was considered a prerogative of the best restaurants with French cooks, and now thanks to our help you can cook complicated refined dishes yourself in several minutes. Our menu was developed by the brand-chief of the conception of Cuisine 31 Eric Le Provos, a famous ideologist and a keeper of traditions of French culinary art, that is why Cuisine 31 is French cuisine in its classical definition, and means only fresh provisions of a superior quality, refined sauces that complete the taste of a variety of dishes. Our client is a person who appreciates beautiful and delicious meals with his family, friends and business partners. It is a person who does not have time to cook at home. Most certainly he likes to cook and does it well, but there is still something that is beyond his culinary skills. That is why he goes to a restaurant. We provide an opportunity to create together with us at his home.

Many organizations, beginning with cafes, restaurants and finishing with catering firms are our clients. We believe that your clients will become accustom the dishes of French cuisine that we have conceived. Now it is not necessary to have a big hall with the staff directed by a master from France. And if necessary, we shall hold a training seminar on serving of the dishes with precise instructions.

The dishes of Cuisine 31 are scrutinized for consistency and are cooked in adherence to all sanitary norms.

Our aim is to create brand loyalty with our clientele. We have stringent quality control system ensuring the freshest of provisions and in adherence to our technologies. We will persevere to constantly surprise you with new dishes.

For us Cuisine 31 is a constant creativity combined with professionalism. Everything up to a single ingredient of the menu is thought through and calculated. In the other words, we always offer the best taste and superior quality!

Cuisine 31 - french cuisine.
Leninskiy Prospekt 31
Moscow, Russia
how to find us
Tel. (495) 540-3851 / 540-3852

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